Hybryde Fusion 13.04

Download HYBRYDE FUSION 13.04

Hybryde is a conceptual work to discover differents desktop environments.

The better way to use and play with it is the LIVE SESSION on USB support.

We absolutely not recommand to install Hybryde Fusion 13.04 if you do not know what you do.

A torrent is now available for Hybryde Fusion 13.04 32 bits
Go to torrent page.

Hybryde Fusion

After more of five months, we have worked on a new concept : The HY-D-V1, which is a new paradigm for the desktop. It works with the web technologies, its characteristics will transport us to a new dimension.The theme engine is so powerful that all your desires can be realised, the sole limit is your imagination.This new version, Hybryde Fusion Edition, include HY-D-V1. The HY-D-V1 has been created for artists and users who want to transform their desktop into an artistic tool, for those who want to play with graphic effects, because Linux Users are not only professionals and because the computer use is not reserved to a business way. HY-D-V1 want you to play with your desktop. To conclude in a more technical way, HYBRYDE FUSION Edition is based on Ubuntu 13.04 Distribution. HYBRYDE is not a production distribution, not a professional distribution, perhaps not even a distribution but we hope our new concept will give you the fun to discover, create and using it.

HY-D-V1 Desktop will be available for Ubuntu alone on our PPA Launchpad. We are creating two PPA, one for 12.04 LTS version and another for 13.04.

Exclusive Software

Hybryde Fusion Full Edition features our unique Desktop that we have created exclusively for Hybryde, the HY-D-V1. It allows users to discover an unique and powerfull interface.But more other unique programs may be include like, Dash applications, Backgrounds manager, Apps Filter, Apps navigator, Vidéo player, Image viewer ...For all this we need time and contribution to work.So we are looking for Sponsors, partners..


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